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Plein Air Artists of Martin County

En Plein Air:  Painting out of doors and representing a direct response to the scene or subject in front of the artist.

Purpose:  This group is organized by the Arts Associates of Martin County (AAMC).  It is an activity for art lovers and artists at all levels who want to paint together on location in Martin County and the surrounding Florida vicinity.

Objectives:  To introduce painters, at all levels of expertise, to the joys and tribulations of working on location and to help people grow and improve their artistic skills.

HOW IT WORKS:  The group paints from October until late spring or summer depending upon the weather.  Weekly an email is sent to the artists in the En Plein Air group.  It confirms the date and specifies the location (including directions) for the next Tuesday outing.

The artists paint early in the day .  Late morning, the group meets for an
optional critique which provides each artist an opportunity to get feedback and advice from the group.  If artists skip the critique, they are requested to send photos of their artwork to the group coordinator that afternoon.  Then that evening, a recap of the outing and photos of the all the paintings are sent to the group.  These paintings are also posted to this website. 

To accommodate those artists who do not wish to join the group for the outside venue, a "Weekly Challenge" will be offered.  Photos of these paintings are requested to be sent to the group coordinator by Tuesday afternoon in order to share them with the group that evening.  These paintings are also posted to this website.


COME JOIN US!!  We welcome resident artists and visiting artists at all levels, working in any media.  We have absolute beginners and experienced professionals working side by side.  Around 3-15 people show up any given week.  Since the Art Associates of Martin County (AAMC) organize the group, we encourage you to become a member of the AAMC.

AAMC Membership is good for one year.  Paid members are eligible to participate in the yearly AAMC Art Show.

TO JOIN THE PLEIN AIR GROUP - Please send an email to


TO JOIN AAMC:   Please send a check for $30 to:


PO BOX 1191

STUART, FL 34995

Please include your Name, Address, Phone and Email.

If you have questions, please email them to


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