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 Art Associates of Martin County
2023 Members Art Show

Steve Landwersiek 

BEST IN SHOW   Phil Mosciski
"Memories of Prague"


1st PLACE  Leah Sonta
"Stuart Beach"

2nd PLACE  Sylvia Wood
"Shrimpers at Rest

3rd PLACE  Barbara Fugazzotto
"Crotons and Friends"

Honorable Mention  Julie Hegedus
"Coming About"


1st PLACE  Holly Cannon
"Snow Leopard in Black & White"

2nd PLACE  Barbara Lyons
"Mahjong Players"

3rd PLACE  Debra Monet
"American Grandfather"

Honorable Mention  Billye Miraglia
"Magic Feather"


1st PLACE   Katy Rose
"Miss Nilski - Old Fishing Boat"

2nd PLACE  Lisa Rapp
"Fall Sea Grapes"

3rd PLACE   Teresa Fitzsimmons
"Look Up"

Honorable Mention   Mary Lou Pults
"Forever Green"


1st PLACE   Jim Quinlan
"Bird of a Feather"

2nd PLACE   Peaches Sappington
"SE St Lucie Boulevard"

3rd PLACE   Vitina Porrett

Honorable Mention  Joan Woolam
"Arctic Man"

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